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The role and history of MPD

Manufacturing Performance Days (MPD) is the leading technology summit in Northen Europe. In 2023 the summit is framed around theme ”Sustainable and Resilient Growth”. The MPD2023 opens contemporary insights, discussions, and industrial benchmarks on how to impact on manufacturing performance, resilience, future skills and capabilities, and new investments.

This executive and visionary industrial renewal summit will bring together, for the 8th time, manufacturing industries, researchers as well as technology and service providers from all around the world to meet and exchange views in beautiful and technology rich city of Tampere in Finland. In last editions, 2017 and 2019, more than 800 participants attended the summit.

The green and digital transformation, the twin transition, has its roots in the megatrend of increasing automation and use of autonomous systems executed not only because of productivity increase but also to make our economies fossil-free. The climate change and volatile energy markets have made the sustainable growth and green investments even more important to the manufacturing sector. The future challenges and opportunities for manufacturers rely on automatization, electrification, batteries, circular economy, and the second life of goods.

MPD2023 will offer views of top class invited speakers from leading industry and academia on latest trends and achievements in industry digitalization, business leadership and the future of work in the forthcoming frontiers of sustainable and resilient industry. During the MPD2023 additional seminars, workshops and site visits are organized. Visitors will receive information on various new initiatives and opportunities for collaboration, talent scouting, skills & training development, test before invest concepts, and overview of interesting R&D facilities.

We welcome all business leaders, R&I professionals and new business developers to meet at MPD2023 to build resiliency in manufacturing for the benefit of all.

MPD since 2007

MPD has been organized since 2007 in Tampere. It was born out of the need to get the decision-makers in the technology industry to discuss the possibilities of the future.​

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